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Leap - Acrobatic Show

    LEAP into the unexpected with this playful acrobatic show, as these two performers revel in performing the biggest tricks they can! In a show that is both fearless and tender, these friends explore the limits of what is possible when you ask the question “If I Leap, Will You Catch Me?”

    Reuben leaps high into into the air and only Charmaine can stop him hitting the ground! She lifts him overhead and catches him as he leaps at her from every angle. In a final test of trust and strength, Reuben climbs up and around a 5m pole held off the ground by Charmaine. He balances on top with a backdrop of only sky, before a final LEAP of faith… The Perch is a rare and breathtaking discipline, made only more so by the surprise of having a lady at it’s base.